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tv   In the Newsroom  PBS  January 4, 2014 11:30pm-12:01am PST

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alternative ancient historical and present day events as well as sports and leisure. in focus saturdays and sundays at four thirty pm we need one more who will huh. eye. i mean i the eye i am. dynamic person. global
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stock markets are huge gains last year due to an economic recovery. however it was a bit of a different story for the domestic stock market compared to two thousand twelve to cost the rose slightly by fourteen points to close at just over two thousand eleven points on last trading day of two thousand thirty kw each ears bleeding important role in reducing the level of a housekeeper. korea's representative for the website made her plea to controlling costs these gains last year. on the other hand samsung electronics performance pushed down the cost be. the details and thirteen kos the market closed without any noticeable
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signs of improvement reporter you beyond the summer. a self religious which are approved the budget bill for two belts and fourteen a few hours after the new year began the ruling and opposition parties were stuck in gridlock over the foreigners investing in oakdale the general meeting was held in the early hours of the first and b o was finally passed. the details and fourteen but achilles three hundred fifty five point eight trillion won or about three hundred forty one billion us dollars in stock cut back up one point nine trillion won from the proposed budget. the cuts came from the so called anti movement and special teams with the national intelligence service is cyber military take worked it she said the ruling and opposition parties clashed over. over the target price of rice went up to one hundred eighty eight count them on or about one hundred
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seventy nine dollars for a few kilograms to support farmers. in order to feel guilty was an update on the new budget bill and its processes. what gives him some electronics ethiopia going to be her student union on a girls' generation members not to yell at him coming. they were all born in the year of the force. he fell to fourteen is the year before. which is the seventh animal in the chinese don't get those born under this sign are said to be held to wean energetic and clever. a special exhibition marking the year of course has been set up at the national folk museum of korea. visitors will have a chance to see how forces in korea from the source of dynasty to the present day were gifts reporters have been tickets to this interesting exhibition of clean slate the purpose that is
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the oracle the new the new rule. when you. greek words details and fourteen pt and ot. here we wrapped up the old year and started the new one with cash. light snowfall will anchor ut game and learn more about how to prepare for the first day of the new year. the day has started. it seems quite busy in the news. an eager uga looks the busiest of all o'connor with over one couple who scared because of
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the slogans and drunkenness pacific are so eager to start the whole one down from above all the fun. we are in authority that can tune into the middle of the feet is happening and this boundary don't have your own. so on then on to be stacked and common sense thing. she is having a very busy day the belconnen blue them to do now. i don't know. did you come in one term. so do i want the moon. okay almost all with two children and one he was. it is happening here
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the two leaders. so glad now yes. the little puddle of salt when will i. with the news. we went on to today's meeting is more focused on the new year's eve special which will be here tonight. eta was all the more busy because of its. i don't know. the mother will prove bush knows. medical student didn't get done and couldn't continue to get that in the know call me you were entitled to some. the one who will. i mean her style to be a tension in the air before any news caster any program but that they especially everyone and i was running around for a beehive of activity is i think i myself was on. i was busy trying to get things in order. not only we had tea at the new year's eve special. to put together he also had other newscasts
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to take care of as well. and they're a lot of updates coming and it was the last day of the year. and so that tension was in as nepal the news room seemed a bit out of order. it's because a whole newsroom spent over a month preparing for the special broadcasts. she is hosting the program for the second consecutive year on this. during people because starting with sixty one to study the owners do my thing so we can cut in and do whatever was out on the annual i'm feeling might be left out or you think is that she wanted to buy or sell down with us and there's the other three sections when a reporter and as the key to coping with new media. to learn from that state. can. companion called
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continue to consult before we play she is to host a program with me on land. her co anchor on prime time news we have to host the lines programs for over an hour or so we have a lot to sift through. and are meeting continued for quite awhile only. each era has its own hallmarks of strong personalities and highlight moments that i will remember for very long time in twenty thirteen has certainly been that year. packed full of those higher light incense and elements and to compare to last year's team are trying to focus more on the content of the program still be one to make sure they don't i'll be don't leave out any big stories of twenty thirteen and of course reporters and correspondents has been covering ghost stories throughout the year to get the best job the kind make sure that her tears and an overall sense and memorable snapshots of twenty thirty. as it is a special days. exceptions are allowed
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and they did something unspeakable consumed of three newscasts were. the rehearsal begins. although reporters who were out on the scene not to get at. we were driven into the region is in heaven to me. one of my book the site of leadership was i thinking. i have. stakes are not allowed soon she double checked everything in detail under the law i am. it all
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the wall. the ball. it's plain to you during the program. the tiny sand and a half to cover a lot of ground during the new year's eve special time anything was the most important task for ga today. though. she is relaxed and interacts with many different reporters anime production can come together with good team to make a stand and ordination so that in mind i guess i'm just trying to. of course by then communicate with our reporters are the producers especially and directors as much as possible. on that because the last minute changes are bound to happen and so i guess no one to be in charge of the situation in control. that and here's to a change in the running order what people might say what's next. what may happen with me not happen to have a certain knowledge in your hand and
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kissed the kids to the site into a little broom. i can come up with plan b you can feel or even clancy. so in the kitchen of course the crazy shoot role time and broadcasting of course that this program especially it's after the rehearsal she ain't got much easier going over many other items. i did. in contrast to know something that you are full but it was so much to qualify with a double back and say have been thinking that the last minute plan. the study held in the light on she noted that we'll do that. once again tying what's the problem. it is seen tears come to proceed unexpected incidents and
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prepare for them ahead of time. it is the house at war boom. and that the problem if they can manage. she is heading somewhere in a hurry before the special programs yes it's new year's eve here in korea life from seoul i need to pay them come and thank you so much for joining us. well the word it's time for her regular newscasts rail workers or their staff and a spa read the news and
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has a story. to add. she was very busy with preparations for the special program. but despite her hectic schedule she does the evening news flawlessly. for me. mine only everyone gathered on the senate for the new year's eve special broadcast. unlike the rehearsal every scene is very tense go and open so it goes. we have. his last broadcast of two thousand thirteen the day. she becomes tense as this program is all the more meaningful. for the ah ha. it is up. though
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good evening and welcome i be on tv is new year's eve special bring in two thousand fourteen and he too painful and john when they do so much for joining us as we welcome the brand new year two thousand fourteen. greening in two thousand fourteen is the product of a lot of effort by the entire news there is grass. though. i guess. thanks to everyone's hard work and efforts the program progressed with teens. i was very much excited to learn that i'll be hosting the new year's eve special for the second time falling last year. um that means that i wouldn't be able to spend time with my family or friends at home on the last day of twenty
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thirteen but counting down and three in two thousand fourteen clients in the studio with fellow reporters and most importantly with our viewers are watching heidi and tv on that to share in that very special moment and that's something to be extremely proud and so overwhelming and now the price this experience i wouldn't miss it for tomorrow. outdoor film crew captured the scenes of people celebrating the years and and reporters give a rundown of the top stories in the political economic and diplomatic sectors. he said j has gone over the script numerous times but does not let her guard down i have is that when she meets a program with confidence. i said. but
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i am. you know. i won't. one tends to suddenly change thankfully things progress with no knee problems but the hosts couldn't help but feel flustered. about sixty minutes remaining the program continued on to and she maintained her composure and a bright expression on her face. we are indeed an arc also correspond to one joins us now given during the live broadcast. so why is this virtue is to forget what just happened and concentrate on the rest of the program. i think. so they started the second count down. he was finally time for him. ten and i don't know when everyone's been waiting for it. buy. i'm from i do. when you hear january first xi thousand
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fourteen has come. this telenovela. she was at work on the first days of the new year. about thirty eight. it was all t more meaningful t rene theewear was doing the first bf two thousans the only local artists the idea of tradition and humble. though. she has prepared a new year's broadcast i know inow. they do. you didn't do it officially crossed into two thousand fourteen hearing for it. like last year the reporters who will be on the rhine in contributing to the broadcasts which he ate our bikers. around two c a share their hopes in
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anticipation of the new year with everyone. i'm very relieved that it's over and done with i'm very pleased that were able to pull it off without much p up along the way the sink. are reporters and correspondents and for their hard work has shown and throughout the year and of course the very day as well. and i am greatly appreciate the wor come back seat and then on the very day and showed us the continued support and entranced and i couldn't pee pee. fourteen surely am looking for two and a better things ahead and down time it's hard to get another chance to iron posts to show at thend of the year professor fourteen three in two thousand fifteen. and if that event on below with us will have to say. agar uga ran to the old year two thousand thirteen and started the new year two thousand
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fourteen in an energetic way thanks to g eight we can say goodbye to two thousand thirteen and welcome in the new year two thousand and fourteen. stoush. rule. i wore out. a widely read yet the news. it seems. lloyd
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the dough. the he was the boots. i like. it's windy. morning everyone. in the year two thousand and fourteen an air bed again just to say that two thousand and fourteen. the white house
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want to get on a whatever that is that he was going nuts. this time in seoul good morning outing yet. i feel. that is. what happened i did. so what. it looks
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like that. she will. joe announced. top. how long the answer to that the eye it says. i mean stop blurry at me at the sunrise in for the fall. it's a different story. during the install. i am hoping for a better view and it will try to get that for you. he
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you. six lots. after all be not that smart. i'm not going to want to pray sometimes easter mean if you will need to fear. a puff. the study at all not to gossip twenty knots late so late the next and last stage at the plate now i can eat read it the path i know. yes it was great. though. see. the while
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you the new. lulu you. all i know. it is. i will. the cz
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